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Get new customers, more sales and brand recognition with directe mail, print, and fulfillment services.

Email marketing is a proven content marketing strategy for increasing brand awareness, growing website traffic, generating leads and promoting products and services. We create email marketing campaigns that are tailored to your specific business goals.

Whether you’re looking to overhaul your email marketing program, are in search of a marketing automation agency or simply want to maximize the results of your email marketing efforts, is on hand to assist every step of the way.


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Our Email Marketing Service Offerings

From strategy to execution, we can assist you with all part of your effective email marketing campaigns and services.

Email Marketing Strategy Development

We’ll create a comprehensive email marketing strategy tailored to your specific goals which includes defining objectives, identifying key platforms & more.

Customized and Engaging Email

We offer email marketing content strategy which contains engaging and shareable content for your email campaigns to ensure consistent and timely updates.

Email Marketing Automation

We automate your email marketing campaigns which includes sending welcome emails, abandoned cart emails, and other triggered campaigns.

Drip Marketing

We send series of emails over time, based on a set schedule or trigger events. Drip marketing is a great way to nurture leads, keep subscribers engaged.

Email List Building

We’ll help you grow your email list so you can reach more potential customers. This includes offering lead magnets, running email marketing campaigns, and more.

Email Marketing Analytics and Reporting

We’ll track and analyze your email marketing performance so you can see what’s working and what’s not. We focus on measuring open rates, conversions, etc.

E-mail Marketing Industries We Serve In

Our dedicated email marketing experts deliver their expertise in different industry verticals to provide the best possible results.

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Leverage the Benefits of Email Marketing in Toronto

Our goal is to help you to reach your target audience, build relationships, and drive sales through right best email campaign management.

Why Choose Us As Your Email Marketing Agency?

We offer a comprehensive email marketing services package that assists businesses of all sizes in expanding their customer base and increasing sales.


Plans as Per Business Needs

We believe that every business is unique; we customize our email marketing campaigns to meet individual business requirements.

Full-service Email Marketing

From creating and sending email campaigns to tracking their results, we can help you with every aspect of your email marketing.

Communicable Results

We offer customizable & simple results on email marketing initiatives to help you track results and enhance them easily.

Result-Oriented Email Marketing

We use proven strategies and techniques to create effective email campaigns and helping you achieve your business goals.

Digital Marketing Services FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions. We’ve amassed a large number of frequently asked questions (FAQs) by new project managers and put them all here in our guide.

Digital marketing services can help your business in a number of ways, including:
  • Increased brand awareness: Digital marketing can help you to increase brand awareness by reaching a wider audience with your message.
  • Lead generation: Digital marketing can help you to generate leads by providing potential customers with information about your products or services.
  • Sales: Digital marketing can help you to increase sales by driving traffic to your website or landing pages.
  • Customer retention: Digital marketing can help you to retain customers by providing them with valuable content and offers.
Businesses need digital marketing consultancy or digital marketing consulting services because the digital landscape is constantly changing. To keep ahead of the competition, businesses must have a strong digital presence and be able to reach their target audience through digital platforms. They can give firms the experience and direction they require to build and implement effective digital marketing initiatives.
Yerrex’s digital marketing experts can help businesses to grow their brands in several ways, including:
  • Developing a digital marketing strategy
  • Creating and managing content
  • Running paid advertising campaigns
  • Analyzing results
Social media is not just for viral content (although that helps too). When you do right social media marketing for your business, it establishes a connection with your target audience, exhibit your products, and create a unique brand identity. Consider it as a digital shopfront where your clients can interact and express their opinions.
Think of PPC as the express lane for your website. SEO is fantastic for the long haul, while PPC serves as a quick route to bid on your keyword and feature it prominently at the top position of the SERP page. It’s like paying for a VIP pass to the online party – you skip the line and get noticed faster.